18th Hole HSBC building at the Abu Dhabi International Golf Tournament, 2017

In a great, new partnership with Harlequin Dubai, we have achieved great things.
Harlequin have produced the HSBC hospitality building for the Abu Dhabi International Golf Tournament in 2017.
Working with IMG international, Harlequin Dubai not only acheived but exceeded everyone’s expectations with their amazing building for Abu Dhab Golf Club.

The whole concept was created by their fantastic and dedicated interior design team. As a structural designer I contributed by way of providing the structural skeleton for the building. This was a particularly challenging site as it was far from level and had some interesting challenges.

The structural challenges were extreme and proved to be tricky when it came to it, but with a dedicated, hard working, devoted build crew headed by Andrew, and a fit out crew headed by Brian they not only managed to achieve a wonderful hospitality suite, but together with a good structural skeleton and an attention and eye for detail that only the best can provide, we delivered a well rounded, complete solution to the clients’ needs.