BMW, Honda and Tesla at GFOS 2016

BMW, Honda, Tesla and many many more…

This year we tackled many stands at Goodwood. There were around nine in which we had a contributary role. From just levelling out the site with a simple heavy duty deck to complete builds this was a really great excercise in multi-agency design.

Working primarily on the underlaying structural steel works, I got to see everything literally “from the ground up”.
I had to work closely with many different agencies, manufacterers and fit out companies to get the desired finishes. With a 30 day build time these pavillions had to be carefully planned and co-ordinated to make sure the finished results were exactly as required.
Unfortunately the great British summer threw rain in sideways, sunny spells and hot days and murky, very windy no-crane days, so as usual there was a lot to contend with. With the support and team-work of all of these different teams everyone worked well towards the various pressures of the build to create, in the end a truly brilliant achievement all round.