Guess Jewellery and Fashion – Baselworld 2013

These pavilions were completed a number of years ago.

I was approached to be the central designer of this project. With the concepts designed by a top London agency, I was appointed as the lead technical draftsman to turn their visuals into a reality.

Working with many suppliers from many disciplines we created these two gigantic stands for the Guess fashion house in Basel, 2012.

With so many interfaces it quickly became a complex project, co-coordinating lots of disciplines, culminating in a great on-site built with a great crew.
The visuals displayed here are created by me to help the client with some mid-job amends.

This build gave me an immense learning curve, where I had to work with everyone from steel and glass suppliers and fabricators, Carpenters, Electricians, Video editing studios, Air-conditioning providers, Electricians and so on…

A big Thank you to all involved for giving me the unique opportunity to work on these, learn and grow. I came out a much better designer after!