Eastbourne Pier, the restoration begins

Rowland and I took our two DJI F550s up to the pier this morning to get a shoot of the current state of affairs.

Surprisingly the guys are already working on the restoration works and it’s looking quite good. I’m hoping to get down fairly frequently to watch the rebuild.

With a lot of local support, a great government support of £2m and the whole town behind them, I’m sure they’ll make a good job of it.

A big thank you to all involved.

2 thoughts on “Eastbourne Pier, the restoration begins

    1. Not quite yet. Looking to finalise the Bnuc-s in October.

      We always do stringent preflight checks and keep everything logged, and always have everyone’s safety first in our minds. You’ll notice that the beaches are empty at that time of day, which actually added to the mood of the shoot nicely.

      And yes, it’s a go-pro. Looking into heavy lift d-slr kit post qualification.

      Thanks for your interest and comment.


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