Aerial Photography.

DJI F550 – 3 axis Gimbal – Live FPV feedback – GPS stability – Digital Compass – Failsafe Autopilot


Not offered as a commercial service just yet.

We are currently using two DJI F550 Hexacopters with GoPro cameras mounted on a three axis gimbal to give broadcast quality full HD video with superb 3 axis image stabilisation.
At the current time we are training to be fully certified by the CAA under the Euro-USC banner. Once we are fully qualified we will offer commercial photography.

With a flight time of around 8 – 10 minutes, a maximum permitted height of 400 feet and at a distance of up to 500 metres from the take off point we can capture things in a way that was practically impossible only a few years ago.

With special permission, this design of aircraft can go to phenominal ranges and heights. It has been shown flown up to 6,500 feet, and 8,000 feet horizontally away
Full HD, HQ stills and High Frame rate photography are available

  • Aerial Survey
  • Roof inspection
  • Sports coverage
  • Natural history
  • Golf courses
  • Building Sites




Video previews.

Please click on these links below for some photographic samples.
Beachy Head Lighthouse
Alfriston Floods
Birling Gap Erosion
Eastbourne Pier Fire, by Eddie Mitchell
Eastbourne Pier, restoration begins
All images displayed here are from non-commercial pleasure flights and are usage by any other party is strictly forbidden.