About Me

The family… with Molly, our security chief in the middle.
Little Bex – mega genius

I’m an Eastbourne, born and bred nerd with a passion for design and making things.

I’m supported by the best family in the world (well, in my opinion anyway!) I’m the dad of three genius kids, two step and one natural and have a wonderful and gorgeous girl by my side.
My eldest step daughter has just completed university, is the proud owner of a degree with honours in Illustration.

My two little kids are geniuses with Lego and Minecraft always making big castles and houses and then setting pit fall traps for dad to walk in to.. (thanks guys, those hundred zombies made me laugh too!) They’re always asking me about the horrid side of history and setting me tricky maths problems. We’re extremely lucky as they are within six months of each other and have known each other all of their lives (even before Liz and I met!) and are a wonderful brother and sister pair up.

Liz my superb other half is a creative in a culinary sense and never a day goes by where we want for better food. She works hard in the day, and looks after horses in her spare time. Keeps her fit and out of trouble I suppose! She a keen gardener and veggy grower and has boundless energy

Louis, the Minecraft master

As a family we like to get away as much as possible, living a very outdoor life. We love camping and cycling together and going to take in the historic sites around the country.

I myself enjoy playing my piano and guitar, arranging new covers and making new compositions.

We have recently established Newhaven gig rowing club with some of our closest friends and you’ll find us in the Ouse whizzing up and down to Lewes and back training for up coming competitions and holding corporate team build events.

When I’m not pushing a mouse, rowing our gig Amelie, or tinkling the ivories I like photography and aviation. A friend and I are developing our hexacopters up into true production and broadcast quality machines. I’ve recently taken the plunge into tilt-shift photography also and am learning a the very complex world of advanced optics.

Anyway, in between all of that I like to do the occasional bit of work too, so get in touch, bring a sense of humour and lets get rocking!

Catch you soon